Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cloud Computing and You


Do you communicate with your peers? Are you still using email? Well just maybe if you read this article by Mike Phillips in the February issue of "Website Magazine" your email account may get a bit lonely.

Here is just part of what Mike's article has to say.

"Cloud computing might be one of the more poorly-defined technologies of recent years. But one way to describe it is by looking at the battle shaping up between Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft Office provides email, word processing and spreadsheets to help businesses communicate. A user can write a document then save it on a hard drive. The file can then be attached to an email and sent to colleagues who all separately view the document, make notes and revisions, save it on their hard drive then attach it to another email for another round of views. Sound cumbersome?

Google Apps also has a complete set of business communication utilities, also including email, word processing and spreadsheets. But with Google’s software as a service (SaaS) applications a user can write a document then invite others to view and edit the document, in real-time, all within a browser and accessible from anywhere on the Web, at any time. The key differences are immediate collaboration, and no need for storage.

Working in the cloud lets users access any number of utilities and applications, collaborate instantly, store files and manage infrastructure, without a single server on site. But cloud computing does so much more."

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