Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lisa's Lessons to Making Goals That Work

Hello Everyone

Well here it is! New Year's Eve and we are about to embark on our journey through 2009.

Oops,"you gotta be kidding me!" you say. Where did the last eight years go? It seems like only yesterday that we were welcoming the New Millennium.

Did I set any real goals? Why am I still where I was then? I've just gotten another eight years older. My dreams are no closer now than they were then...How come? Every year I said that this is the year that I'm gonna do it, but it didn't happen, Why?

Well lets peek in on Lisa of SWBN as she makes "Goal's That Work" one of the better blog posts that I have read on the subject. She explains why setting goals is NOT the same as setting New Year's Resolutions.

K, Let's give a read to what Lisa has to say. Click Here to Read Lisa's Blog Post.

Welcome back, so now you know how to set your goals and change your life in one year.

Let's all make 2009 the year that we changed our lives for the better...Big Time!

Then keep making.....Goals That Work.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finance Your Freedom...The Clay Collins Story

Hi Everyone

It turns out that Clay's dream is to enjoy Location Independent Living and he is working hard at attaining that goal.

Clay does this blog "Finance Your Freedom" and seeks out people that have been successful in getting the freedom to enjoy a Location Independent Life.

These people come from all walks of life and money is not the only determining factor in their success.

Click Here to read the rest of Clay's story and also read, watch and listen to his blog.

Also Click Here to catch Clay's other blog "The Growing Life"

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Free Twitter Basic Training!

Welcome Everyone

I understand that Twitter is fast becoming the Net 2.0 tool of choice. However there are lots of internet users that want to learn just the basics of Twitter to be able to use it to improve their web experience both social and to make a dollar.

I invite you one and all to watch Ed Dale as he introduces the basics of Twitter in the video below.

Ed is a great teacher and does a fine job of explaining how to set up a Twitter account. He also talked about some other terms such as Twhirl, RSS feeds and FriendFeed all every bit as valuable as Twitter.

To learn more from Ed Dale and his pal Dan Raine you can take the Thirty Day Challenge training. It is totally free and some of the best training on Web 2.0 tools that you will find on the internet today. Simply Awesome!

So click the Green logo and go now to The Thirty Day Challenge site and sign up for your free training.

If you want to learn the basics from the masters and for FREE, You will not be disappointed

Click Here
and go now.....Go! Tell Ed Dale that a little bird told you...

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ps By the way please leave your comments as to what you think of the training that you receive.

Both my readers and I are awaiting your feedback. So Please leave a comment...Thanks

pps You can get access to the PDF file version of the video training here if you prefer.

Friday, December 19, 2008

BrightFlock Launches

Hi everyone

We have liftoff of a brand new support services business for the benefit of your planned, new or established web based business.

Why Brightflock?

Brightflock offers web-based writing, marketing, designing, and coding services.

What sets Brightflock apart? Expertise, open communication, and genuine enthusiasm for making your project soar above the rest.

Check out Brighflock's portfolio or read recent client testimonials from around the globe.

Free Consultation!!!

Try the free one-hour consultation.

No obligations. Just a friendly dialogue about your project or idea.

No matter where you are, call 902.838.3216.

Not sure what to write? Just explain who you are and what you're hoping for.

Click here to go directly to their home page. You can request more information by using the contact form there if you prefer.

Be sure to check out this great new service and Get Started.

Brightflock wants to hear from you!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Help...My Business is Holding Me Hostage!

Hay Everyone

Is your business holding you hostage? Do you want to know how to break free? Isn't Location Independent Living Now all about having the freedom to work from anywhere?

Here is a series of free videos by Eben Pagan that will get you on the right track. Watch the first video below then click on the link below the video to go watch the other two.

Now click here to visit the blog post that contains the other two videos.

Make sure that you watch all three videos to see the video comment, then you can follow the instructions at the end of the third video to get even more free information.

Set yourself free, start watching the videos now and if these videos were of value to you please leave a comment on this post...Thanks!
(just click on the comments link below)
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